About us

Who we are (our story)

Sumo Power was founded by people who were tired of the usual rhetoric from energy companies.

Customers being treated as numbers, billing errors and complicated plans.

Our products are simple. Our prices are low.

We are dedicated to getting things right. The first time.

If you need to call us, you’ll speak with a real person. A real person who knows their stuff.  If we can’t fix your problem on the first call, a real person will own your problem.  In fact, they’ll own your problem from beginning to end.  

We are 100% Australian owned and our people are local.

Why we are different

We are not just about great prices.

Sumo Power strives to offer the best service, and is dedicated to bringing customers what they want.

We are developing tools to give customers more control over their electricity usage, to help manage electricity bills.

Giving power to the people.

What we stand for

Honest in our approach. Confident in what we do. Committed to sorting it out.

We keep our prices low and give the best service. A real, local person will answer your call and resolve your problem.

Why switch to Sumo Power?

It's simple.

Great prices. Real service. No surprises.