In the media

Below you will find where Sumo Power has been highlighted in the media.

Huffington Post (29 June 2016) - How To Stay Warm Safely (and Inexpensively) This Winter                                                                                  Avoid bill shock and keep your loved ones safe. 

Canstar Blue (15 June 2016) - Going off-grid: Is battery storage the answer?                                                                                                                Sumo Power's CEO, Domenic Capomolla, weighs up the benefits of battery storage.  

Canstar Blue (30 May 2016) - Sumo Power All You Can Eat plan: The reaction
In this article Canstar Blue spoke to Sumo Power about the response to their newly launched All You Can Eat plan.

Lifehacker (27 May 2016) - Sumo Power Launches 'All You Can Eat' Energy Contracts
With the onset of colder weather and heaters being turned on, more houses are at the risk of 'bill shock' with their electricity bills. Lifehack spoke with Sumo Power about this household challenge.

A Current Affair (24 May 2016) - Power Deals
Ever been a victim of bill shock? Sumo Power's CEO, Domenic Capomolla, is interviewed by A Current Affair and in the video discusses our new "All You Can Eat" plan.

The Age (16 May 2016) - Will Fixed Energy Contracts Mean The End For Bill Shock
In this article from The Age, the question is asked if fixed energy contracts will help Australian's have greater control over their energy costs. They contacted Sumo Power to find out more.

Canstar Blue (11 May 2016) - The All You Can Eat Electricity Plan
Canstar Blue compare and review hundreds of products and services in Australia. In this article, they spoke with Sumo Power about our "All You Can Eat" product and how it can possibly help Victorian's with their electricity bills.

One Step Off The Grid (10 May 2016) - All You Can Eat Offer
One Step Off The Grid is the sister company to Renew Economy and stay on top of emerging energy technologies and products. Their article discusses how our "All You Can Eat" plan differs to Origin Energy.