Energy price fact sheets

Our energy price fact sheets give details of our current electricity offers, including the prices and fees.

To find the right energy price fact sheets for you, select the electricity distributor that services your home, or just enter your postcode (but please note that in some postcodes there is more than one electricity distributor).

Sumo Power's current market offer rates are effective until 28 February 2017.  New rates will be published on 1 March 2017.

Please select your distributor or enter your postcode

If you have entered your postcode and it has more than one electricity distribution area, we will display the Energy Price Fact Sheets for all applicable distribution areas. To find out which electricity distribution company supplies you, check the faults and emergencies number on your latest bill.

For Sumo Power's electricty residential standing offer prices, click here.

For Sumo Power’s electricity business standing offer prices, click here.